New version of the Polenovo 360 Virtual Tour

Vassily Polenov Museum has launched a new version of the Virtual Tour

To commemorate the 180th anniversary of the artist, in partnership with SNS Group of Companies, and with the assistance of Vassily Polenov Association, the museum has significantly renewed the Polenovo 360 Virtual Tour, which offers you a unique opportunity to visit the park and the buildings of the Vassily Polenov Museum – the Big House, the Abbey (the artist’s studio), the Diorama at the Admiralty and the exhibition hall “Fachwerk”.

“The changes were made both in the technical solution of the web-site and in its visual aesthetics, – explains the author of the virtual tour Artemy Furman, – Firstly, we’ve adapted the interface for smartphones and pads, we’ve significantly improved navigation and the panoramas quality, we’ve also added the possibility to change the season (Summer, Winter) and to take a walk around the museum wearing VR-glasses.”

The tour now consists of three routes. In addition to the visit of the Borok estate (Polenovo), you can visit memorial villages Bekhovo and Stakhovo. In Bekhovo – visit the Holy Trinity Church and in Strakhovo – get a glimpse of the artists’ masterclasses at the old school building.

The old photos from the album of the family will allow you to experience the atmosphere of the estate’s life at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries.

In the renewed virtual tour you will hear the music by Vassily Polenov.

The project is sponsored by the SNS Group of Companies.