Exhibition of posters in Veules-les-Roses (France)

Last Sunday, July 27th, an exhibition of posters of paintings from the POLENOVO museum collection in Russia took place in Veules-les-Roses, Normandy. This event was organized by Vassily Polenov Association in cooperation with the town administration of Veules, and with precious help of our members, living in Veules. The exhibition was held in parallel to the 22nd Book Fair, in which the publishing house Point de vues presented the book of Tatiana Mozhenok-Ninin “Vassily Polenov: Knight of the beauty”.

The posters were presented in the gallery Clos Saint Vincent which is known for its charming old style interior. The images were placed on the background of walls made of big stones. Right in front of the entrance a photograph of Vassily Polenov was greeting the visitors. Another surprise for the public: the fireplace decorated by Russian traditional souvenirs – bells, penny whistles, mugs (all painted by today’s artists in POLENOVO).

The visitors of the exhibition recognized with curiosity the sites of Veules painted or drawn by Russian artists in the late 19th century. They interrogated Natalia Polenova, Vassily Polenov’s great-granddaughter. Natalia showed them around the exhibition and never tired telling about her famous anscestor.

The Mayor of Veules-les-Roses Mr. Jean-Claude Claire thanked the Association and personally Natalia Polenova for this wonderful event and expressed eagerness to continue the collaboration. He promised to consider the possibility of naming the square near the old gates after Vassily Polenov.

The visitors appreciated the excellent quality of the posters. Also the guests remembered the exhibition that had been organised in Veules-les-Roses in 2005 by Alexander Liapine (the grandson of the painter) who unfortunately died in 2011. That exhibition coincided with the inauguration of the Russian Artists Passage with participation of the Ambassador of Russia in France.

Vassily Polenov Association hopes to continue the cross-cultural tradition and is ready to collaborate with the town administration of Veules-les-Roses in order to realize new exciting projects.

Here you can find the press-release of this event.