Supporting contemporary artists working in various genres and techniques has been always at the heart of the POLENOVO museum’s mission.

The POLENOVO Artists-in-Residence (A‑I‑R) programme is a new international initiative launched by the Vassily Polenov Museum (Russia) and the Vassily Polenov Association (France), which enables creative makers and practitioners to gain unique access to the museum’s collection, community engagement and curatorial expertise. The organizers provide residents with a studio on-site and a budget covering part of their travel and production costs, allowing them to experiment and create new works.

See more details about the programme here.

Our former art-residents :

DMITRY MAKAROV - poet, writer, curator of educational projects (Russia)
Resident in spring and summer 2020


BENJAMIN LAMBLIN - installations artist (France)
Intern from the Louvre School in summer 2019


ELINOR SAHM - installation artist (Israel)
Resident in spring-summer 2018


STEPHANE TROISCARRES - painter and video artist (France)
Double residency with J.-E. Rousselon in 2017 (August – Octobre)


JACQUES-EMMANUEL ROUSSELON - author, composer, producer, arranger and pianist (Belgium)
Double residency with Stephane Troiscarres in 2017 (August – Octobre)


SOFIA ISRAEL – sculptor and ceramist (Russia)
Resident in winter 2016/2017 (December – February)


ARNAUD CREMET – artist, illustrator (France)
Resident in fall 2016 (September – November)


HUBERT VINCENT – philosopher, professor of the Rouen University (France)
Resident in 2015 (January – March)


BENJAMIN BOZONNET – artiste peintre (France)
Double residency with Olivier Bleys in Spring 2013


OLIVIER BLEYS – écrivain (France)
Double residency with Benjamin Bozonnet in Spring 2013


BENJAMIN SOLENNE – painter (France)
Resident in 2012 (February – April)