About the programme

Supporting contemporary artists working in various genres and techniques has been always at the heart of the POLENOVO museum’s mission. The POLENOVO Artists-in-Residence (A‑I‑R) programme is a new international initiative launched by the Museum and the Vassily Polenov Association, which enables creative makers and practitioners to gain unique access to the museum’s collection, community engagement and curatorial expertise. The organizers provide residents with a studio on-site and a budget covering part of their travel and production costs, allowing them to experiment, create new works and engage with POLENOVO’s heritage and living traditions.

The mission statement of the POLENOVO museum-estate is to be the leading museum in a re-creation of the genius loci spirit, connecting the tangible and intangible heritage of Russian arts and culture, to enrich people’s lives and to inspire everyone through the promotion of a new understanding and intellectual enjoyment of the artistic world.

Themes and Priorities

We call for artists working with site-specific and site-conditioned landscape or eco-art, with an emphasis on the issues of preserving pure nature and unspoiled scenery.

We also invite those who might be interested in the following matters:

- New definitions of beauty as a part of the aesthetic and cultural issues; harmony with nature

- Human adaptation to an ever-changing pace of life.

Seasons and Duration:

The residence may last from 3 weeks to 3 months, from September till May, upon request and agreement. Each season – golden autumn, festive winter or expectant spring – has its own charm and roots in Vassily Polenov’s landscapes.

Who can apply? Is this programme right for you?

We invite artists with no limits on age, race, disability, religion or sexual orientation, but with a strong commitment to the promotion of Vassily Polenov’s ideas on the synthesis of arts & enlightment through public engagement.

Public engagement is a large part of the POLENOVO A‑I‑R programme, which sits within the structure of the Educational Department of the Museum. Residents hold regular open studios, where visitors can come, meet the resident and ask questions. In addition, the residents will be required to work with museum staff to develop performances, workshops, talks, lectures and activities for a range of audiences that may include local schools, families and rural communities. Specifics will depend on each resident’s interests and experience.

An exhibition of work produced during the residency, in one of the museum’s venues, is an essential part of the programme.

Language: Russian is not necessary. Conversational English required.

How to apply

There is no deadline. We accept applications all year round. One application from one artist.

The applicant should send in a single e‑mail:

- A general description of the project idea, with an indication of how it might be implemented

- CV with photo

- A motivation letter describing how this particular residency would help to take forward the applicant’s practice; what new skills or research he/she would like to explore; and why the applicant thinks it is the right time for him or her to participate in the programme.

- A PDF file with a maximum of 5 recent projects.

- Any relevant additional information, at the applicant’s discretion.

Please send applications to: vassilypolenov.asso@gmail.com

All applications will be considered and examined in depth, in terms of the artist’s vision and motivation for coming to POLENOVO.  Selected candidates will be informed within 1 month from the date of  submission.

What POLENOVO A‑I‑R provides

The POLENOVO museum A‑I‑R programme covers travel expenses on the territory of the Russian Federation (starting from the meeting at Moscow railway station or airport), accommodation, food and part of the costs of art materials and production. Travel expenses before and after Moscow arrival and departure remain the resident’s responsibility.

Also the POLENOVO museum provides the resident with studio premises on-site (30 square meters with a high ceiling).

About Vassily Polenov and POLENOVO Museum

Born in St Petersburg, the Russian landscape and academic painter Vassily Polenov studied painting in Russia, Italy and France – where he was influenced by the contemporary development of plein air painting and Impressionism. On his return to Russia, Polenov became associated both with the Russian Academy and with the more radical ‘Wanderers’ movement. He settled down on the Oka-river in the 1890s, and spent the rest of his life developing the estate, including a purpose-built studio and a long sloping garden, painting numerous landscapes inspired by the surroundings.

Having become a museum in Polenov’s lifetime, today the Vassily Polenov Fine Arts Museum and National Park displays permanently a wide selection of his works, together with temporary exhibitions. It is also the only Russian museum to be directed in unbroken succession by the artist’s descendants.

See more details www.artiststudiomuseum.org/studio-museums/polenovo-museum

About the Vassily Polenov Association

The Vassily Polenov Association was founded in 2007 in Paris. It aims to promote the artistic heritage of Vassily Polenov and other Russian artists abroad, to develop research and cultural exchanges and to support international initiatives.

See more details www.vassilypolenov.com