«Wanderer’s Home»

Publishers: Méroé, Vassily Polenov Association
Year of publication: 2017
Text: French
ISBN 979–10–95715–04‑7

This extraordinary book unites the paintings of Benjamin Bozonnet with the poems of Olivier Bleys – the results of their double art-residence at POLENOVO museum. In 2013 the painter and the writer were invited to POLENOVO to spend several weeks in creative work.

The artistic language of the painter is closely connected with nature: Benjamin adores birch trees, the curves of the riverside, the medows, the wooden houses.

The prose of Olivier Bleys adds important hues to the painter’s palette: the writer’s impressions of the landscapes are phrased in short texts, that reflect his sincere and subtle observations. The pictures and texts are accompanied by archive photographs permitting to learn the histoiry of the POLENOVO domain. This album allows us to discover this unique place where Russia with its nature and eternal spirit is to be witnessed in all its beauty. Vassily Polenov searched to create his own paradise on Earth, and one century later, his domain, now a museum, continues to honour its founder. Polenov dreamed of opening his house to creative people from all over the world so that they could come and work there. That is why today the museum is open for painters, writers, photographs, musicians, etc.